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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 2 months ago

Boost GPU performance with free app

MSI Afterburner download PC is a free GPU overclocking tool that can help you boost the performance of your graphic cards. Designed for Windows, the program offers numerous features like in-game GPU monitoring, hardware customization, multiple profiles for different settings, and more. You can use the tool to change fan speed, temperature, voltage, memory, and more.

What does MSI Afterburner do?

Nowadays, many games and applications require a high GPU or Graphics Processing Unit. Without the proper system requirements, you may end up playing games that either lag or don’t perform as well as they should. When faced with such an issue, you may contemplate buying an expensive graphics card. However, instead of that, you should try using a software program that helps bypass the problem. 

MSI Afterburner is one such tool that helps you in overclocking the GPU, monitoring graphics card performance, benchmarking, and video capturing. The program also includes options to create up to 5 profiles, instantly load custom settings, control fan speed, and an option to triple overvoltage. The best part is that all of its features are completely free

Comprehensive interface

When you download MSI Afterburner on your Windows 7 or above PC, you come across a clean interface with a black and white theme. The primary windows of the screen shows two sliders: one for measuring the GPU and the second for measuring the memory. The remaining sliders show the temperature of your computer, the current-voltage, core clock information, fan speed, and more. 

You can use any slider based on your gaming usage requirements. Once updated, you can save these settings as profiles so that you can instantly switch to them whenever you want. Right below the sliders, the program displays details of the available graphics card, including its exact name and version. If required, you can easily use this information to update the available driver to the latest version. 

Apart from these functions, MSI Afterburner download also features a total of 15 skins that you can use to customize its layout. To change the current skin to another, all you have to do is click on the Settings tab, visit the User Interface function, and open the menu reserved for the skin. From here, you can choose and save the one you like. 

For a new look to come into effect, you will have to restart the app. 

All-round monitoring

With the help of MSI Afterburner, you can monitor and control your GPU’s memory clock, core clock, temperature, voltage, tachometer, power, and fan speed. With this data at hand, you can overclock the GPU to enjoy a better gaming experience or use high-intensity applications. You can save the changes that you make to the settings of your GPU in 5 adjustable settings and can easily switch between each basis requirement. 

Can I use MSI Afterburner with any card?

One of the best parts about MSI Afterburner download for Windows is that it works with almost all types of graphics cards.  It also provides users with a function called OC Scanner, which automatically detects the highest overclocking option that also keeps your GPU stable.

If you want to go manual, you can use the tool to increase the official overclock settings, monitor GPU usage, and disable all available ULPS. MSI afterburner on screen display stands out.

Customize all settings

You can use the sliders to update settings to overclock the default GPU settings. You can also see this information as a graph and add custom colors to easily monitor changes. 

Get detailed information

When you download MSI Afterburner, you can get comprehensive information about your system hardware. Additionally, you can customize hardware monitoring and control settings to update the access interface, monitor IO drivers; unlock, monitor, and fix voltage levels; and restore to default settings if needed. The free graphics card tool also lets you log monitoring data and set different hotkeys to switch profiles or start logging. 

Does MSI Afterburner work with Nvidia?

The latest version of MSI Afterburner download supports the latest GeForce 500 NVIDIA graphics card and also includes an in-game capturing video function. This means that you can now use the software to capture your gameplay and share it on sites like Twitch and YouTube. 

Can I use MSI Afterburner with any card?

Yes. MSI Afterburner works with all graphics cards, including AMD and NVIDIA. The company behind the tool is a graphics card manufacturer and has developed the tool keeping in mind MSI video cards. This is why the GPU overclocking tool works with all graphics cards

Is MSI Afterburner free?

Yes, MSI Afterburner is a free application that you can use on your Windows PC. The program doesn’t offer any premium or paid plans. All of its features and services are available without any price tag or time limit attached. 

With the help of this free tool, you can control and boost GPU performance. 

Are there any alternatives?

Yes.  A few alternatives have similar features to MSI Afterburner. 

Some of the best GPU overclocking and video capturing tools that you should check out are EVGA Precision XOC, GMABooster, Razer Game Booster, and 3D-Analyze

Should I download MSI Afterburner?

If you’re facing issues with your graphics card and are looking for an alternative that lets you run system-heavy apps, you should download MSI Afterburner. 

The program comes with an easy-to-use interface that you can customize using any of its available 15 skins. With its help, you can monitor various settings and modify them according to your requirements. Since MSI Afterburner lets you change the GPU limit, fan speed, temperature, memory, and more, you can use it to update the settings and easily enjoy far better performance. 


  • Free to download and use
  • Offers numerous skins to customize the interface
  • Option to set and switch between multiple settings
  • Comes with high-end GPU monitoring and configuration


  • Not suitable for beginners

Older versions

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MSI Afterburner for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 4.6.3
  • 3.8
  • (308)
  • Security Status

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    by Anonymous

    Easy for a beginner overclocker.
    Easy to slide,easy to type.
    easy to understand the interface plus good skin for extreme customization. Been using it for months and my graphic card although is not a good one,but overclocking it makes me ru More


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